As a maker, I incorporate the delight of the every day into each nook and cranny of my art.

To summon a Jess Fauscette piece, you’ll need:

• Two hairs from a black cat
• Spilled indigo ink
• An affinity for flora and fauna (particularly sardines and cows)
• Vegan butter
• A gentle hand inclined to wander
• One cup of bitter coffee, black
• The essence of your grandmother crocheting on Sunday morning

Stir together on a delicate porcelain dish, then pour at the root of your nearest house plant. By the next half-moon, a work will have begun to sprout. Water it with well-wishes twice a day to ensure proper growth.

I am currently a Senior at Savannah College of Art and Design where I will recieve a Fibers BFA in the Spring of 2020.

I focus on print and pattern design for interior
fabrics and surfaces, as well as print design for fashion. With an interest in creating unique and playful textiles through an explorative use of color, pattern and illustrative qualities, while keeping versatility and sustainability in mind.

When I am not creating you will find me cuddling my two black cats, listening to true crime podcasts and searching for new vegan recipes online.