Farmers Market Scarf Collection

As a part of my studio production class this collection of scarves was inspired by my weekly trip to the Savannah Forsyth farmer’s market during quarantine (with gloves and a mask of course). This little outing was a big source of happiness for me during the weird time created by COVID-19. The scarves are intended to feel like a sunny spot in the grass at the park with your goodies from the market laid out on a blanket with friends, ready to enjoy.

The Farmer’s Market represents a strong sense of community, access to organic produce and support of small local businesses with an added benefit of some great dog watching. With a focus on sustainability, the scarves will be “heirloom” products. I also plan to include the service of fixing or mending any products that need it free of charge, no matter how much time has passed. This will help create a closed circle supply chain.