Folktale Collection

The designs of these prints are meant to go together in a way that creates a visually interesting mix of patterns for a fashion collection. The inspiration came from folk art and folk tales which remind me of history and the way culture and traditions are passed down. Historically “folk” often refers to the rural or peasant class, typically making folk art and writing about and by “regular” people. In choosing fairy tales as the inspiration for the designs I was specifically attracted to the small moments of magic that happened to ordinary people.
Helmstedt is a Danish brand that inspires me with their collections of brightly colored silky garments influenced by vintage lounge wear with whimsical prints of fish and fairy tale castles. These designs feel effortless and fun, and allow the wearer to play and dream, while bringing the pieces into everyday life. My aim is to do the same with this super feminine, playful and dreamy collection that strives to create an escape from the mundane of the everyday.