Playing House Collection

This collection of prints was designed for an antique Victorian dollhouse. I referenced Victorian wallpaper from the book Bitten by Witch Fever by Lucinda Hawksley and one of my favorite books, We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson, for design inspiration. Jackson’s book is set at a remote family estate where two sisters and their uncle live in exile. The famous documentary film Grey Gardens (1975) provided a similar aesthetic and mood inspiration for the prints. The theme of escapism continued in this collection, specifically the negative effects it can have. Drawing from my own life experiences I was thinking about feelings of isolation, anxiety, and an underlying sense of foreboding or dread. Now more than ever these feelings are manifest in our lives during quarantine due to COVID-19. It’s interesting that now the whole world is having this shared experience that forces us to slow down, stay home and feel isolated in one way or another. Working on this miniature dream world allowed me to have total control over something, in a time where everything else feels very out of my control.